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Magnus plays many percussions and can record from his studio onto your project


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"Magnus contributed various percussion parts to my album "Portrait". He is a highly intuitive and sensitive musician, adapting easily to any style required. He is a joy to work with, easy going and with no agenda except to serve the music - I

highly recommend him for any project. Thank you Magnus !!"


Kate Daisy Grant,


"Magnus came up with the perfect choice of percussion instruments for the album. Although these were overdubs, he played his parts like he'd been involved since the beginning of the project. Meticulous and truly professional, Magnus is a pleasure to work with"


Nick Pynn,


Magnus co-produced, recorded and played percussion on Joglaresa's "Magnacarta" EP after touring with the project in 2015. I'm very pleased with Magnus's work on the production, from the audio quality of the recording, through to the editing process and his percussion playing.


Magnus's percussion performances are always tasteful and he strives to serve the music at all times, always with a great feeing in the groove.


The EP was recorded as a live performance in a church, but Magnus managed to create several layers of percussion overdubs in his studio onto a live take without the use of a click track, and the resulting sound was exactly what I was looking for"


Belinda Sykes


"Magnus recorded percussion for a new project and it was great to work with him. He is an exceptional percussionist with a wide array of styles and he is very intuitive which made the whole process easy. The audio quality of the recorded drum parts was excellent and I hope to work with him again in the future"


Robert Doyle,



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