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Made by the Tanzanian master musician Msafiri Zawose, the ZAWOSE SIGNATURE medium Ilimba is a professional quality traditional instrument indigenous to the Gogo tribe of central Tanzania.


These medium size illimbas have been specially tuned by Msafiri to the western C major scale, and will be useful for percussionists, composers and producers who would like to use them in music that adheres to Western harmony


Msafiri has also made the illimbas re-tunable so owners can tweak the tuning to their desires


These thumb pianos are unique to the Zawose family, and have a pure and beautiful tone


Hand-made from African Teak wood with steel wire strings, the Illimba is held in both hands and played with the thumbs and have a leather strap so the instrument can be hung

ZAWOSE SIGNATURE Medium Illimba (Kalimba)

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  • 14 x 17 x 5cm

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