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Percussion in KERALA!

I just spent an inspiring and relaxing month in Kerala, South India ... I travelled with the intention of studying with some of the finest musicians I could find, and to start new musical journeys on some of the drums they have - eg the Mridangam, Kanjira and Moorseng.

On arrival in Cochin I happened apon the Kerala Kathakali Centre on the first day of my visit and introduced myself to Sugi, (a kind of constantly joyful Hindu monk with an enterprising spirit) who runs the place and was delighted with his generous, open and friendly attitude to everything - within a day I was studying daily with one of the finest percussionists in Kerala - a gentleman who goes by the name of Barakrisha Kamath. I feel supremely lucky to have studied with Kamath whose lessons were inspiring, enlighening and ofcourse very challenging - attached to this blog is a video that contains a few snippets of my lessons....have a look!

I also attended many of the daily concerts which were consistently of a high standard with different and contrasting musicians performing everyday - it was particularly interesting to see North and South Indian musicians performing together in a looser, more improvised setting.

Amongst my experiences studying percussion around the world, in Cuba, Turkey and Morrocco, my time in Kerala feels like one of the warmest, enriching and enjoyable experiences I've had to date! - I can't wait to return....

You can see photos from the rest of my trip via my instagram feed

India rocks!

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