Tabla/Michael Colina session w/RSNO

This January the Royal Scottish National orchestra called me to play Tabla on a recording of Michael Colina's "Requinauts" ..... The session took place in the Henry Wood Hall in Glasgow - I was very happy to do this session as the RSNO was the first professional band I worked with as a student at the RSAMD in 1999!

I was in just one movement, which was scored for Tabla, Percussion, Chorus, Timps and Clarinet.... - although a relatively small ensemble, I found the main challenge arose due to the way the room was set out - all the musicians and chorus were many, many metres apart and thus establishing tempos (in the absense of headphones and click) was definately a challenge....but I guess that is all part and parcel of orchestral playing.....

It was nice to meet the composer Michael Colina, who was also present, and he took a very relaxed attitude to what I actually chose to play on the tabla- which made life easier....

I enjoyed myself ...... playing Tabla in an orchestral setting was a first for me.....

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