End of summer update

This summer has been full of various interesting musical things here are a few selected highlights:

A couple of months back I played on the sound track for a French cartoon called "Yellow Bird' (music composed by Stephen Warbeck) . This was probably the most interesting and enjoyable film session i've been involved with as muscially the film moved around various continents as the Yellow Bird migrated!..... This music was recorded at Air Studio 1 + I shared percussion duties with Paul Clarvis - we used a wide varity of hand drums, shakers and tambourines - Paul has some beautiful old Leedy and Ludwig tambourines I ended up playing ...... I also took along my Bata that I had made in Cuba many years ago along with tons of other stuff - it was a very enjoyable day... There is another Warbeck film coming up in a few weeks, this time its apparantly set in India so I am pleased to be hastily dusting of my various Indian drums......

I've recently started playing with Tamar Osborn and her new group "Collocutor" -it's challening and great music and in particular playing with my friend and super inventive percussionist Mauricio Ravalico has been great !- she's just released a record on a new label called "on the corner records" - Last week we played our debut launch gig in Camden, take a look at the gig footage here

....I've been spending ALOT of time playing the guitar - yes, as a wedding present (oh yeah - I got married- it was excellent) my dear old band mates from Penya bought me a brand new fender telecaster that has sent me into an upward expanding spiral of new musical possibilities, many of which eminate from my youth, much of which was spent strumming a battered old acoustic..... we have an album brewing which will involve more guitar than percusson from me, and as a band we have been exploring ........ it's an exciting time as we are about to enter a new production room in Brixton.....

other stuff: the theatre show I have created with my old friend Stewart Pemberton continues to grow via arts council funding, and Ive just completed an enjoyable 5 months at Shakespeares Globe working on Anthony and Cleopatra .... along with a few European dates with Melt Yourself Down which never fail to invigorate....

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